Do you ever feel like your career obstructs you from your continual life education?

Sometimes I want to just quit and go undercover in a liberal arts college and talk about symbolism and do creative writing. Remember that scene in My Girl? Flesh-a-la-mesh. That’s it, that’s what I’d do if I had unlimited funds.

But really. Becoming an adult and gaining important positions and responsibilities at your company kind of loses its gusto after a while. You want to color outside the lines and not be tied to this hamster wheel you’re running on. Or maybe that’s just me.

I recently had a friend going through hard times that I gave an “accountability bunny” for Easter to keep them in check when they felt like they were losing their will from texting an ex-boyfriend. So I’m going to start a blog, and if even not a single person reads this drivel, I’ll at least have something keeping me accountable.

Thus, I’m writing down my dreams, in hopes that they don’t get deferred or worse – explode! Below are some long and short-term dreams of mine, and how I plan to get there.

To make constant travel more of a possibility. My boyfriend and I have debated living on-the-go for a year in an RV. A big part of me is scared I’d just be a glorified homeless person, and run out of money, food, etc. When we’re hungry, love really isn’t going to keep us alive. This still might happen, but we need more of a fully baked plan, and I need to get a greater grasp on my debt (boring, I know!).

To become an expert, and build a business, at the forefront of 3D printing that gives me an outlet for my love of art. As a collector of unique and quirky items for the home, I already have visions of what I’d want, and I think others would too. My brother is a master manufacturer, and a huge proponent of the “built in the USA movement.”

To build a business, that makes money. Ah the LLC. I’ve done it before. I read the Entrepreneurial Myth (it’s the truth!) and learned I’m an amazing technician and entrepreneur, but a terrible manager. Six-plus years later, I’ve been upgraded to a mediocre manager, yet continued to cultivate my techniques and entrepreneurial spirit. I know I need a sensei to complete this puzzle, and a kickass idea. While the 3D printing venture would kill two birds with one stone, I have a few other things in mind ;)

So there it is! Join me and follow along this ride. My goal is to provide useful content that inspires you to visit a new place, yet also provides practical advice for getting the most of that destination. Expect travel guides, photos, and funny stories. Hope you enjoy!

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